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Case Study

Case Study : Angels Beauty

Case Study

Rustic Blush Vintage Hire is a service that supplies vintage props. The props are hired out for weddings, parties, baby showers, corporate events. Naomi knew she wanted to hire out all of her lovely vintage props that she had acculmulated, but didn’t feel that had the skills to put together a website herself.

We designed her a beautiful, vintage-style logo that would then form the basis of her entire website.

We used her stunning photographs of her props front and centre of her site. We used a site design that included a front page slider which showcased several key images. The site is relatively simple to use and navigate through. We put our main call to action as ‘view props’ in order to encourage people to feel inspired by the props available for hire.

We used a lovely type-writer font throughout this site to give a rustic feel to the site. We also selected blush type colours to go with the theme.

The best part? Naomi is now updating and maintaining her site herself with a full sense of control over what she puts up there.

Startup Stock Photos
Startup Stock Photos
Case Study : Rustic Blush Vintage Hire

Case Study

The Bossard Quartet is a leading string quartet based in Hampshire. They are in high demand now as a string quartet for weddings, military functions and corporate events throughout the year. Back in 2008 we designed their first website using html. It was refreshed again in 2012 and again in 2015. The 2015 upgrade took the site onto WordPress, making it incredibly easy for the quartet to update their pages regularly and blog about their gigs.

The site uses a dynamic slider on the homepage to showcase pictures of who the quartet are. The pictures chosen are colourful and represent who and what this quartet is all about. The main call to action on this site is to check availability – as they are so often booked up. This button takes the user straight to the contact form to encourage as many people as possible to make contact.

The site is jam packed with information to make it easy for clients to understand what they are booking, and how the process will work. There is a listen page, a FAQs page, a contact page, and a well read blog.

The blog in particular is a key feature of this site as this helps the quartet to feature highly on Google for most key wedding venues that they have played at. By updating the blog regularly, the girls are able to boost their rankings in search as well as engage with their fans through facebook.


Case Study: The Bossard String Quartet